A member run cooperative that delivers fresh, organic, local food at an affordable price while supporting local producers.

How does it work?

We have a delivery about every two weeks (during the winter season about every month). This is how it works...


We make the orderform

We contact the local producers and make an orderform with what they have freshly available


You fill in the order

You fill in the orderform before the deadline. You need to be a member to place an order but you can join while placing your order.


You pick up your veg

Come and pick up your order at Stenkrossen in central Lund at the pickup-time. The pickup time is usually Thursday afternoon.

Become a member!

As a member-run cooperative we literally are our members. Everybody who orders is a member, everybody who makes decisions are members and everybody who works is a member. Come join us!

As a member you get to order food from the cooperative. You can also take part and make decisions in the members' meeting and get engaged in running the cooperative.

Become a memberOR
join in the orderform while placing your order

About us

Lund Matvarukooperativ was started in 2016 with the vision of creating a democratically run cooperative that connects its members to local farmers. By cutting out the wasteful supply-chain the cooperative works to provide affordable, local, organic produce to its members while supporting local farming. We aim to thereby reduce our collective carbon footprint, build local resilience, raise awareness about local food-sustainability and enjoy lots of delicious and nourishing food!

We are run entirely by our members and the members' meeting has the overall decision making power in the cooperative. The day to day tasks of the cooperative are taken care of by three working groups, each with a coordinator appointed by the members' meeting.

Beyond food deliveries, Lund Matvarukooperativ also arranges social events and engages in outreach activities to find new members, spread awareness about local and sustainable food and network with similar projects.

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Get involved!

Sound exciting? Do you want to take part in organising the food deliveries? Arranging social gatherings? Or maybe you really enjoy bookkeeping?

We rely completely on our members to do everything from organise meetings to pick up the produce from the farmers. If you think local, organic food is exciting and want to be a part of making this happen in Lund then you have come to the right place!

Three ways you can get involved


Come to a social event

Check our facebook page to find the next one!


Come to a handout or a meeting

Anyone can attend, and all the volunteers are welcome to help ! Please fill in the calendar if you plan to help.

Or become a member to get notified of the next members' meeting!


Contact us

Already know exactly how you want to contribute? Get in touch and let us know!

Contact us

Got questions or comments? Can't find what you are looking for? Are you a local farmer and want to work with us? Anything else we can do for you?