About us

Lund Matvarukooperativ was started in 2016 with the vision of creating a democratically run cooperative that connects its members to local farmers. By cutting out the wasteful supply-chain the cooperative works to provide affordable, local, organic produce to its members while supporting local farming. We aim to thereby reduce our collective carbon footprint, build local resilience, raise awareness about local food-sustainability and enjoy lots of delicious and nourishing food!

We are run entirely by our members and the members' meeting has the overall decision making power in the cooperative. The day to day tasks of the cooperative are taken care of by three working groups, each with a coordinator appointed by the members' meeting.

Beyond food deliveries, Lund Matvarukooperativ also arranges social events and engages in outreach activities to find new members, spread awareness about local and sustainable food and network with similar projects.

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Our Structure

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Our principles

Lund Matvarukooperativ is a values driven organisation and at the core of who we are these 10 principles

The selection of foodstuffs should be:

  1. Grown and produced in accordance with organic/biodynamic principles
  2. We support food grown according to organic or biodynamic principles. This means methods of production that do not devastate the soil, or add pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or harmful chemicals to the Earth. This principle reflects Matvarukooperativet’s commitment to sustainable practice, freshness, biodiversity, and animal welfare.
  3. Grown as locally as possible
  4. The distance from soil to table impacts the freshness, flavor and nutritional content of food. The shorter the distance between where the food is grown and where it is eaten, the less the environment is damaged in the process. By supporting local production of food we also support preservation of knowledge and culture specific to food production in our local climate.
  5. Season based
  6. Our assortment of food is decided by the season.

Our foodstuffs shall be distributed in a way that:

  1. Promotes fair and direct trade
  2. Many farmers, producers, and their associated lifestyles, are encumbered by traditional markets. This leads to negative social and environmental consequences both locally and globally. Matvarukooperativet eliminates the middle-men between the farm and table, and cultivates direct, personal contact with the men and women who grow and produce the food you eat.
  3. Is environmentally friendly
  4. We lower our carbon footprint by using resources thoughtfully; we reduce food waste, re-use, and use environmentally friendly materials.
  5. Cultivates and encourages knowledge about food and ecology
  6. We make the citizens in Lund more aware of how the food they eat makes its way to their dinner tables. Increased knowledge about sustainable food production in the population will not only increase support for Lund Matvarukooperativ, but also lead to increased awareness and the propagation of more sustainable choices. Importantly, we also seek to share our knowledge about how launch projects like Lund Matvarukooperativ, and inspire other cities and communities to start up similar initiatives.
  7. Is economically sustainable and independent
  8. For Lund Matvarukooperativ to have the best opportunities to grow and contribute to a sustainable future, we must be able to exist without any external support. We then become less vulnerable to shifting priorities in the public and private sector.
  9. Is transparent and promotes trust throughout the production- and distribution chain
  10. We are open and honest about all our financial transactions and the choices we make in relation to supply. This applies to both the producers that deliver the food, all of our members, and how we use our surplus.
  11. Is near and available
  12. We stand for a new image of organic and biodynamic food that is not gourmet or luxury, but a grounded and natural part of our everyday life. That is why Lund Matvarukooperativ shall be near and available to our members – in vision and also in price.
  13. Run by a local working community
  14. Lund Matvarukooperativ shall deliver and operate beyond the facilitation of sustainable food markets. We intend to position the cooperative as a platform where members can cooperate in positive initiatives in their local communities. A platform such as this enables members to organize in common interests and goals, and make their homes flourish.


Transparency is important to us, and one step in being more transparent is making our core documents and meeting minutes available to you!

Lund Matvarukooperativ is incorporated as a Swedish ekonomisk förening as laid out in our bylaws. Here you can download our bylaws, principles and take a look at our online repository of meeting minutes.

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